The following questionnaire will only provide you a Rough Estimate as to the price. As there are many variables such as: wall condition (holes, cracks…), previous coating types, height of walls, how many doors and windows, type of surface …,
For the above listed reasons it is highly desirable to have an onsite estimate to have a more accurate cost analysis. If you want a “ ball park” cost for planning now and then an “ on site” later you can request an estimate at your convenience.

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Onsite Estimate Request please answer # 1 up to 10
Rough Estimate Request please goes to # 3 and answer up to 21
Accuracy of rough Estimate is up to 80 % / it depends upon correct information on condition provide by customer.

1. Address:
2. Please list 2 main nearest cross streets to this address:
3. Interior or Exterior or Both Estimate:
4. Residential House     Commercial Building    Apartment   Condo
5. New    Existing   / If Existing how long ago painted surface:
6. Gated Community?  Yes   No
7. How many stories:
8. Total Sq. Ft.:
9. Whole House     Partial Painting 
10. If partial painting, please list size of area to be painted
11. If interior, Please indicate rooms to be painted
  1. Bedroom   how many
  2. Bathroom how many
  3. Entry way   4. Living room   5. Dining room   6. Family room  
  7. Kitchen   8. Hallway   9. Stairway   10. Doors   11. Casing
  12. Cabinets   /painted   stained  
  13. Banister   14. Closets   15. Loft   16. Retreat room   17. Baseboards  
  18. Pantry   19. Den   20. Bonus room   21. Garage inside  
Are the walls and ceiling to be painted?  Yes   No
Are the walls and ceiling to be the same color?  Yes   No
Please describe where and how you want yours to be painted if not listed above
12. If Exterior, Please describe what and how you want to be painted
(Example: stucco body, trim, patio, fence, door...)
13. What is the present color right now? (Color tone):
14. Would you like to change paint color?  Yes   No
15. List all the colors tone you want to use:
16. What is present paint type right now?
17. Would you like to change to different paint type?  Yes   No
18. If so please list paint type and areas:
19. Stain cabinets change to paint?  Yes   No
20. If yes, please describe where and list the size if possible
21. Are there any repairs or removals to be done (wallpaper, acoustic...)?  If so, please list